About Us

Our Mission

Our team is ready to assist you in your every credit and financial need. We walk our clients through the entire process either in our office or over the phone. Give us a call today, or simply fill out the form for further details. Our site includes helpful tips and information to further aide in providing quality services to you. To provide financial counseling, education and advocacy for its clients. As a faith based organization our commitment is to integrity and transparency in every action, and to achieving the greatest possible positive outcome for every client on their behalf.

Who Are We

Our mission at Credit Repair Network is accomplished by providing clients with access to resources and services uniquely designed to assist individuals in improving their credit worthiness and financial position. Generally, these services would not be available to those with damaged credit. In addition to restoring your credit, the services and resources include financial education, legal referral services, foreclosure prevention consultation, information and education, and much more…

Credit Repair Network clients have the advantage of being well informed and understand how make their credit work for them. They take ownership of their financial position. Credit Repair Network Clients are able to rejoin the credit economy, looking forward to increased security and achieving their goals including home ownership, providing for their families and a sense of hope for the future.


  • Credit Repair Network protects and enforces your rights under federal law.
  • In a democracy, consumers are entitled to a defense.
  • Americans have the right to representation and to confront their accusers with knowledge and the law on their side.
  • Credit bureaus should be expected to verify the accuracy of the information they sell. The law agrees. You have the right to protect and defend your credit profile.
  • The credit bureaus should be required to do more than simply provide a form letter validating your credit – and they are!
  • With the techniques and tools Credit Repair Network uses on its members behalf, the credit bureaus are being required to meet the standards and do what Federal and State laws require of them.
  • Because you are a client of Credit Repair Network, we will ultimately demand on your behalf that the credit bureaus follow the “letter of the law” regarding the sale and reporting of your personal credit information.